Masonry Repairs

Tuck Pointing: Tuck Pointing is the removal of old mortar to a minimum depth of 5/8th of an inch. The mortar joint area is replaced with new mortar with a prefered concave joint. These joints have low water penetration, meaning the new mortar is less likely to shrink or crack.


Brick spalling repairs: Deterioration (also known as spalling) causes bricks to crumble away and can ruin a foundation. Our crew is able to minimize the damage spalling can cause by installing the necessary flushing and active weepers and can replace deteriorated brick or parge over with new brick.

Chimney Rebuilding: Chimney rebuilding is another common masonry repair needed by homeowners. Our team is more than qualified to rebuild or repair chimneys that might be damaged or in disary.

Masonry repairs-after
flag stone- after


The foundation is the most important part of any project. A structurally sound foundation will prevent cracking and moving as the earth shifts and reacts due to the changing climate. We will work closely with you to achieve your design ideas.

We are capable of installing a variety of natural flagstone for landings, steps, walkways, pools, patios, etc.

When installed properly, Flagstones can enhance your curb appeal to make home selling easier or for your own personal enjoyment.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a quick and easy way to achieve a dramatic change in the ground elevation. Retaining walls confine soil to artificially sharpened slopes, allowing for a sharp drop to lower even ground.


We are experts when it comes to building retaining walls, and have experience in creating flower beds and block walls.

Flower bed (1)


Grinding is the only sure way to achieve a surface that is as similar as possible to newly poured concrete. One grinding is completed, parging must be done  on your above grade foundation. We use the highest quality fibre parge available on the market.

Concrete is our speciality

Concrete has always been a wise choice for walkways and sidewalks. It is a long lasting, easy to care for and provides a clean appearance.

Our team works closely with the customer to achieve the correct design and finish. We also offer walkway and sidewalk installation by the Ontario Building Council.   

Window well installation (1)

Window Well Installation

A window well is the area outside a basement window, which retains the surrounding dirt and drains water away.


Window Wells are required when any portion of a basement window is below grade. Window Wells require drainages (when the water gets inside the well it must be able to drain). Otherwise water continues to rise and eventually leaks into your basement through the window.

We are able to provide you with Window Well Installations so you can avoid flooding that might occur without Window Wells.


Interlock paving stones provide a beautiful, strong and long lasting surface as a means to enhance outdoor living. They offer a perfect driveway or parking area, or can be used to improve backyards.  


The advantages of interlocking stone works are numerous


  • Achieve minimum water absorption
  • Meet freeze-thaw standards of frigid climates
  • Get better cold-weather durability than asphalt
  • Have no requirement for expansion joints
  • With Stand high human or vehicle traffic
  • Easily replaceable with matching pavement
  • Comes in a variety of colors, shapes and textures
  • Create patterns enabling for creative design
  • Materials that meet or exceed industry standard
  • Can last for 20-25 years
Back yard (2)


A fence is something many residential homes need in order to allocate space and to maintain privacy. We offer a pressure treated wood fencing, offering both a cost effective and  traditional look.


Accompanying our human resources, we have several mechanical resources such as a large D-rated truck that was built as a custom application to our needs and a mini skid steer that allows us to augur our post holes to a depth of 42-48 inches.


In short, we only use the best tools and materials available on the market.